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Hello and welcome to my website aka The Tortoise-Spot or Tortoise-spot for short. I built this site in 2007 to share with everyone my turtles and tortoises as well as build a site to help educate. I haven't had much success in keeping up with the site with real life going on. I however am done with school and officially a biologist. Now that I am done with school I do want to put more work and effort with conservation, preservation and education. This site will be an ongoing project in which I hope to share with everyone great information as well as my thought and opinions on how I do things. I do love to learn myself and I plan to learn as much as I can from others. I will have links to other great sites with experts. I will try and share articles and interesting things that are happening in the reptile world. I do hatch a handful of eggs every year and I will post what is availible on here. Thank you for stopping in and I hope to meet and or see some of you all either at events or in my guest book. Thanks again everyone for all the support and thanks to the community for being welcoming! 




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