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Welcome to Tortoise-Spot website and information. I rescue and keep tortoises and turtles and started this website so others can get information or ideas for there own pets. Also the site is dedicated to my rescues and it shows updates on each one I have. Please feel free to explore and hopefully find some of the site useful. Leave a comment. Thank you for visiting! 


Become a member! Its easy a quick, allows you to like photos, add a small profile, and like and follow other members. Just click members and fill out name and email. I do want to add a members photo album maybe in the near future so others can share there enclsoures and shelled animals. 




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September 2019:

Will be updating the website a little. Few little changes but not to much will change. I have hundreds of photos and it takes awhile to post them all, I plan to find away to post them on here get some updated photos on here asap. If you have not already follow our Instagram for new photos every day. I did end up letting a few friends take few tortoises and add to their group, they hopefully will be part of good bloodlines for future breeding projects. Right now I am trying to focus on my mountain tortoises, american box turtles, as well as Asian species of turtles. I however will continue to rescue and find homes for those rescued. 

* I am also on the look out for American box turtles to add to my groups if anyone knows of anyone looking for homes or selling any. 

* Articles I will try and post new ones every week or monthly depending how busy the turtle and tortoise news is going. 

* Going to try and find a better way to use the event calendar and hopefully 2020 I will have it figured out and more seamless for everyone. Lots of reptile shows throughout the year and most likely one near you! 

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Quick Tips

Spring Tips: after hibernation and more!

- Spring is near and this means tortoises and turtles are going to become more active. We are all excited for our little ones to come out here are a few tips that can help.

1. Never pull your tortoise or turtle out of hibernation early. They will come up soon, being patient is the key. Warm weather and longer days will drive them out of hibernation and you will notice over the weeks routine behavior and eating. 

2. If you do see one of your turtle or tortoises that has be hibernating provide fresh water for them to drink. I like to give all hibernating tortoises a nice long soak just so I know they are hydrated.

3. Spring is a little up and down as far as temperature. I like to keep my heat hides on even when the temperatures are warm. I have thermostats in all my heat hides so I am not worried about over heating them. I will however unplug them closer to summer when night temperatures are warmer and more stable.  

4. Spring time is a good time to do some cleaning. I like to pull out overgrown areas (not fully just a little to create room) Also I like to fix or clean up any hides, water dishes. 

5. Examine your tortoise. Check for runny nose or watery eyes. If you have a scale record the weight so you can track it throughout the year. This can help keep track of the health of your animals.

6. Indoors. It is nice to keep tortoises outdoors if all possible. If you cannot provide outdoor housing indoor works well. Just remember to change your timer on your lights. Make it roughly 13-14 hours light on, with roughly 10-11 hours lights off. This will simulate longer days. Use a uvb bulb as always. Make sure you check the UVB output and if it is low new bulbs are a must!

7. Also for indoors. Warm weather mean warm rooms! Use thermostats or keep an eye on temperatures in enclosures. They can heat up quick on a warm day. Thermostats help a ton or a temperature controlled room in the house is nice. 

Summer into Fall Tips: Summer is always a fun time but every year it eventually comes to a end. September 21st is the technical end of summer into fall date. Days get shorter and the angel of the sun changes. Your turtle and tortoise will sense this and start to change their habits, some will prepare for hibernation while others will need our help to get through winter and here are some tips that can help

-Summer is ending meaning days are getting shorter. Be sure that you start prepping for winter. 

-I like to pull weeds and make areas more clear and accessible. 

- If you have a tortoise or turtle that does not hibernate get ready for winter by cleaning out heat hides and testing out heating sources and thermostats. 

-Clean any spiderwebs and change any substrate in the heat hide. I like to clean it out after winter and just before winter. 

- Get indoor housing set up if you plan to bring your turtle or tort inside. Much like cleaning and setting up the heat hide make sure things are set up and tested well before you have to move your little shell warrior. 

-If you have tortoises and turtles that do hibernate, prepare and help them with the transition. 

-Make sure you keep feeding your tort or turt so they do not go into hibernation light. Right before the weather turns for he cold and they go down, stop feeding roughly a week or so before. 

-If you use a fridge start cleaning and testing the hibernation fridge.

-For me the key is to be one step ahead of whats coming... with winter coming test and clean everything. I like to track weight which helps a ton too. 

- I will post winter tips closer to winter time. 

_As always if you have any tips that I missed or don't even know message me and let me know I will add it to the list! all about helping each other out. 

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