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Mountain Tortoise

The burmese "black" mountain tortoise is arguably the 4th largest tortoises in the world, right behind the famous sulcata tortoise, which would make it the second largest mainland tortoises right behind the sulcata.  They are found in asia and is the biggest species of tortoise in Asia. In the wild, Mt. tortoises are found in Assam, myanmar, thailand and a few other areas around Asia. They like moderate weather from 55-85 degrees F and can be found hiding in shallow pools of water and in shade during the hottest part of the day. 

- In 2009 I bought a few black mountain tortoises. They were only a few weeks old when I first got them. Its been a few years and the mountain tortoises are doing great! They are growing well, not as fast as I thought they would grow but healthy and active since day one.  They seem to be hitting a growth spurt and growing a little quicker then the first few years. In 2013 I got two more mountain tortoises, They are actually a year older maybe closer to a year and a half older then my original 3. They are also a little bigger then my others. I will keep a updated log on these tortoises so everyone can keep up to date on these beautiful tortoises.

Log Update: 

June 2018: As of June 2018 everyone is living together and doing great. The biggest Mountain tortoise is close to 12.5 inches the smalles (little Runty) is 9-10 inches. They all eat like pigs and are doing well in the outdoor sun. I have had no problems with them since I got them, they are little tanks. 

June 2018: