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Eastern Box Turtles

The eastern box turtle T. carolina carolina is a subspecies within the american box turtle species. They all have the ability to close their shells completely using hinges that they evolve to have. Box turtles are more terrestrial then most turtles, however they are found near water and do like to soak and hang out in the water. Eastern box turtles like all american box turtles are threaten species. The main problem is habitat loss. Roads and shopping centers are being built in their home ranges. Cars can't see crossing turtles and smash them. Also people taking them out of the wild thinking they make great pets. Or taking them out of the wild thinking they are helping such a defenseless animal. Please keep wild turtles wild! States are making laws and finding ways to help protect this beautiful turtle. Hopefully our future generation can enjoy them as much as we do today. ​


I have three eastern box turtles at the moment. (no names yet :( ) 

May 2018