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May 27, 2018



Just quick rules: The forum is for everyone who comes to the site. The rules are just to keep things civil. Thanks for understanding

1) No use of curse words. Race words

2) Keep politics off the site keep it about reptiles

3) please sign up to post ( once a member you can post)

4)Do not put down others opinions or information

5) The forum is here for the members and visitors. We all share one thing in common lets help each other out and spread awareness.




New Posts
  • I do not have the time right now, however I will put together a little get started to help people get their wheels turning. Little tips and tricks to just getting started. I know some can be shy but I want members to share what they know. Lets help each other! TS
  • The classified section is in place for anyone looking to sell their personal animals. Also can be used to sell equipment. When using the classified please leave a contact either phone number or email. This can make it easier for others to get a hold of you. Do not spam or post multiple ads on the same thing. This is just frustrating for everyone. Lets keep it civil and no scams! TS