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Site Updates 

December 2018 Update

-December is a slow month when you have tortoises. I willl try and post updated photos and news on all my animals. 

-I want to slim down the site a little so things will change a little but overall it will be the same site. 

-Added new articles and tips for winter. 

= Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Be safe and have a great holiday season. 


June 2018 Update

- It is officially June! yay! I have a few things planned this summer including adding more videos to the Tortoise spot collection. I want to start making more videos so visitors can have more content to help with ideas or information or anything else. 

-New surprise coming soon! I'm excited, and cannot wait to share. Please stay tuned for this. Become a member and you wcan getnotifications on new blog post which I am using for new and up coming things! 

-Blog: speaking of blog. I plan to use the Blog a lot more. I want to do at least 1 time a week "friday" but multiple times a week to every other day is my main plan. I am not the best writer but I want to just keep people more connected with what Tortoise spot is doing. 

- Now memorial day is behind us, Have a Good summer everyone be safe! Check out the Information Page soon for new tips ond tricks for the summer! 

May 2018 update

**Have a safe and fun memorial weekend everyone! don't forget what the weekend is really about. Remember the hero that gave their lives for our freedom. **

-Added new pictures to all sections. May 31st last day of MAY we are ready for you June 

-I added a small forum section, its not a full forum just made for members to ask questions, and use the classified, just another platform for the tortoise and turtle community.

-Become a member. It is easy. Just click on the members page up top, IF you have not already fill out your email, username and password. That's it! your done! quick and simple. 

     -Being a member allows you access to posting on the forum, commenting on blog entries, create a small profile, use the classified section. Also the adoption section. Also we will email out any up and coming events and news tortoise and turtle related! 

-If you would like your site posted on the "other great site" page please contact us, tell us a little about your site and link. We would love to link any ones page. 


-Visitors can now become members. Signing up is easy just click members and fill out the small form. Once you join then you can follow other members, like other members post, and post a small about you profile. I encourage you to join and hopefully we can all network and share and information and education together! 

-This year I want to do more as far as videos. Give me some time to learn but by this summer hopefully get some good videos done. 

-Thanks again everyone for the support, its been 11 years since I started Tortoise Spot! time flies! 

-Updated almost every page. Need to add older pictures but have newer content up

- This little section will be quick little bullet updates for the site. Under the site update page I will put any details I may have. 

- Email Tortoisespot@gmail.com if you have any suggestions for the site. I am working hard to get everything set back up and hopefully this will be the last move!

-The enclosure section is done

- Turtle pages are done

- added the video page as well

-98% moved onto the new site and home :) YAY just in time for summer its going to be a good season 

-Been working on moving things over. Got the tortoise pages all up. Gotta work on turtle and enclosure page. Hopefullyu tomororw?

Thanks everyone for the support. I do it for the turtle and tortoises. Awareness is key. 



May 2018:

Spring has sprung. Well king of. The weather is still deciding if it wants to go to full summer. haha

-Biggest news is I'm moving everything over to a new website host. I liked Jimdo but I decided it wasnt' working for what I wanted. Hopefully this new host will  do that. 

-First thing is inferring everything over. Hopefully wont take long. I got this process down. Hopefully by May 23rd everything will be done. May 23 is wos world TURTLE DAY! 


September 2017:

-More articles added to the "Information and Article section of site. Check them out and have a read. Interesting stuff.

-Thanks again for the views and support. Don't forget to sign the guest book, follow us on instagram, twitter and facebook. 

-Added more September photos to the website on all animals. 

- Added a Instagram feed to the home page, has the most up to date pictures and daily activity.

-Added link to our Facebook page. Check it out https://www.facebook.com/TortoiseSpot/

-Sign Tortoise-spot guest book. leave a comment, share your own website or page. we love to hear from you. 

-Tortoise-spot moved! 

-I started moving over information from the old website to this one. I am still working on it slowly, also hard to get all the photos over but trying to at least put some old stuff up. 

-Will start putting new photos and info directly here.

-Going to be a process, but hopefully I'll get it all done within the next few weeks. 

Thanks again everyone. 


Spring 2017:

Hello hello. We had a wet winter in Souther CA. It was much needed and nice to actually get water back in our lakes. It however has started warming up and days are getting longer... Meaning one thing.. spring is near and or hear. This past week we had a string of nice days. Tortoises and turtles are out and enjoying the sun. The plants are budding and gaining leaves back. I do have a few pictures (follow me on instagram for most recent pictures) I will be updating the site with more pictures. Also going to start getting more video this year and hopefully fill the youtube up. New video up now; a cool under water vid. 

- Going to just upload media and get things spring ready

- Keep this site bookmarked 2017 is 10 years we been up!  Thanks for the support


December 2016:

Uploading the last of the 2016 pictures. Winter has fully set in and its cooled down a lot. Most my guys are huddled in heat hides or hibernating. Hopefully spring will be back sooner then later. Keep checking for new pictures under all sections and animla tabs. Also feel free to join the board or website. Both are free. Have a happy and safe holidays everyone


August 2016:

I made a new forum that hopefully will be a good outlet for people to ask questions and get answers. Also great place to share information. It can be a future turtle and tortoise community. Join now its free and easy. see you there


- Also more pictures coming. Been having trouble uploarding pictures to the the site. I have a lot of box turtle pictures, leopard and aquatic turtle pictures. I also made a new pond for the aquatics pictures soon.

Thanks for the support. Join the forum. I will be posting threads on there as it gets going and growing :)



JUNE 2016: 

New pictures coming soon. New enclsorue added onto the MT. Enclsoure. Lots of pictures. Plan to add a few new things as well. Stay tuned! 


MAY 2016:

Added new classified section. This is to help people look for new homes and do move hatchling or anything they may need to sale. Must be a member. Sign up today its free! 



Added new pictures  to mountain tortoieses, also to aquatics. More pictures to come! 

Hello everyone, Its been almost a year since I last updated my site. I have been very busy with life, and been meaning to get back to my website and blog. I do still have my tortoises, and I do still have my box turtles. I have new pictures coming very soon. Twitter account will be active again. And hopefully I can keep up with my blog. Keep a eye on the site for more updates and news. I have no babies for sale as of now, but possibly soon. 



JULY 2015:

I've been busy with school and work lately. I however have rescued a few tortoises over the time. I am moving everything to this one site and getting rid of Turtle-spot. I was not having fun running two sites, not enough time!! This site however I will try and keep up with as much as I can. Big update coming! Going to make a ( Mountain tortoise, Red foot, Texas, Russian, Box turtle, Aquatics sections) of the site. Those sections will be all the updates for the species. New pictures will be added to all of those sections. Upcoming event section will be updated soon. Home page might get a few little updates. Links I will try and add some new ones. Information and articles I really want to start keeping this secion updted and make it a great updated section for news. Thanks for the support




Hello everyone Its been awhile since I updated the website I been busy with school.and work. I am sorry for the delay but I have been taking pictures as I go. I added pictures on both mountain tortoise and red foot tortoise sections. Soon to add a few enclosure pictures, and hop over to turtlespot where I will have pictures of the box turtles! Check in through the next few weeks and I should updated pictures everywhere. Next spring I am also extending my enclosure, and in about a month I may be adopting another tortoise. Stay tuned! 


Tortoise-Spot X Turtle-Spot


JULY 2014: 

Well in the passed month i ended up moving out, moving into my families house. Setting up a new enclosure and upgraded the enclosure and still working on it. I updated the site as well. I put new pictures on the mountain tortoise section, red foot section, and enclosure section. I am also updating turtle-spot website with some of my box turtle pictures, and enclosure pictures (new pond) 


- New pictures

   -enclosure section

   - Mt. Tortoise section

   - Red Foot section

- Updating turtle-spot as well with new pictures of the box turtles, and pond. Check it out!


JUNE 2014:

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know I am in a middle of a move. I will be living with a friend and moving there by mid June. My tortoises however are already moved over. I put up a enclosure in his backyard and they are enjoying the summer. I hope to be in a new house by the end of summer if all goes well. Anyways now for updates:

-I put pictures up in both the mt. tortoises and red foot tortoise section

- Posted pictures of my enclosure I made at my buddies house I'm Moving too. In enclosure section.

- Soon to update pictures for turtle-spot (box turtles, and eggs hatched!)

Also for turtle spot i will be making a pond with my friend for his turtles. I will post pictures and updates as we build! 

Thanks again everyone for following and sharing Tortoise-SPOT!



MAY 2014:

This month has been a hot one. Its been record highs across most of the southern california. It is going to be one hot summer! My tortoises are all staying cool with misters and sprinklers but even they seem to hate the 100 degree weather. The site has been updated with pictures. I added pictures on the mountain tortoise section and red footed section. I am also adding pictures to turtle-spot more of the box turtles, a new rescue, some babies and of course jaws! so come check it out! . 


-new pictures red foot section

- new pictures mountain tortoise section.

- some videos going to be added soon!

-turtle spot also has updated pictures of box turtles, a new rescue... baby box turtles, and of course JAWS! go check it out! 


APRIL 2014:

Winter is finally over! Happy spring to everyone! hope everyone had a great Easter and a safe holiday. Here are a few updates I did already: 

- I do plan to update the site biweekly again, and keep up with it. This winter was a slow one for everyone and now that its spring the tortoises are back to longer days and way more active. 

-I already updated pictures on both the mountain tortoise section, and red foot section. 

- New videos are also uploaded on the video section of the site, and on our youtube channel,, Youtube.com/tortoisespot

Up-Coming updates:

- Updates to the enclosure section will be coming. I got a new 100 gallon tank for jaws.

- Check in at turtle-spot for updates on my box turtles, and aquatic turtle jaws. That is the other half of my collection! 

- Plan to set up webcams again, will be on the mountain tortoises and box turtles most likely. That hopefully will get done within the next few months!



First off I just want to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Have a fun and safe day!

- I have been busy lately with school, and updates are being put up every few weeks. Once I'm done with this semester I will go back to my friday updates. 

- I am however updating pictures, I plan to add a few videos. Check it out!

Its been a busy month for me with school and work. I haven't been able to update as much as I would like but I'm trying as best I can. 

- I added a few pictures to both mountain tortoises and Red foot tortoise section.

- New videos also coming soon. Haven't had a chance to upload them but i have a few. 

- Turtle-spot also updated with new pictures

Twitter is by far the most up to date. I update it daily with pictures and random thoughts. Subscribe to it if you have a twitter! @tortoisespot 

 - On the home page you can view the twitter feed. That also will be the most recent updates compared to the site that is. 

Thanks everyone for the support, and patients!


October 2013:

10/18 - Adding new pictures of the gang.

         - Red Footed Rescue is living inside till it warms up. Very friendly gril

         - New pictures of red footed will be up shortly

         - Check out tortoise-spots twitter. The twitter is updated almost daily, new pictures and stories. Its the fast way and easier way to follow tortoise spot. 

         Thanks again for all the support!

-10/5 - Adding new pictures to both websites. 

         - New video posted. Mountain tortoises eating. 

  - I still need to move some things over to turtle site, and fix turtle-spot up a little. I'm in school right now so its taking a little longer to update everything. 


September 2013: 

-9/23: -Added recent pictures of my mt. tortoises

          - Also added a new video of my mountain tortoises eating.

          - Dont forget to visit Turtle-spot.webs.com ! 

9/16- New website up: turtle-spot.webs.com 

the new site will be more turtle information, and this site will be more tortoise information. 

-I hope it works out well, and it will make things a little more organized. 

- I will be putting a link on the homepage and nav. bar soon.

- I added a twitter feed on the home feed. If you have not noticed yet it pretty neat, and helps link everyone to the twitter side of tortoise-spot.

- I also updated the website interface for updates so i'm still getting use to it. learning curve.


 August 2013:

8/24 - Few updates I will be doing today. 

     - Adding a new video to the video section, one of my mexcian musk turtle eating. 

     - Few new pictures for mt. tortoises

8/15 - Become a member today! Its free and easy to register. You can become part of the site and will be able to use some of the websites applications:

- Our forum page will allow members to post pictures, stories and video so everyone can see and enjoy.

- Ability to PM other members. We have 21 members right now and you will be able to contact them via pm using the site.

- members can post on the blog section of the website and i believe make their own blog. 

- can post pictures and videos as well. 

- Members will also have access to the classified section of the forum.

Thanks again everyone for the support>

8/1- Check out the videos on the website. Located on the right side of the site on the tool menu. If you cannot view it on the website try our youtube channel. www.youtube.com/tortoisespot

8/1- I have been updating both the turtles and mountain tortoises sections. New pictures added often. 

8/1 - Enclosure section now has pictures of passed enclosures. Great for ideas and always fun looking at enclosures. Outdoor enclosures are being built, pictures of those soon!


July 2013:

6/6 - Enclosure section is updated with pictures of both current and old enclosures. Still need to add outdoor enclosures for currents but for now its done. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. 

6/5 - New Youtube channel made. Tortoies-spot will now be having videos of projects, enclosures and other animals. If your interested in seeing the youtube page click :

Tortoise-Spot Youtube Channel

You can subscribe to it and see any new and upcoming videos first 


August 2013:

8/1 - Check out the videos page of the site located on the right. New videos being added weekly. If you can't see them on the website try our youtube channel. www.youtube.com/tortoisespot

8/1 - So far I have been just updating both the mountain tortoise and turtle section. New pictures weekly or biweekly depending on how busy I am. 

8/1 - Also about a week ago I updated the enclosure section of the forums. Added a lot of my enclosures from the pass to help people get IDeas. I'm Going to be making some new outdoor enclosures and will post updates and pictures as its being made. 



June 2013:

6/28 - Become a member today. Easy to sigh up and you will have opportunities to interact with other members, post comments, and blog entries.

- Still looking for a few moderators to help with the site, interested email us : Tortoisespot@gmail.com