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Almost July WOW!

Feels like we were just waiting on summer to get here and now it is here and moving fast! So far everyone is doing great no problems and tortoises are growing and the amount of tortoises are as well haha. I'm excited to say the new rescues are doing great and adapted to outdoor living rather fast. The marginated are finally taking full advantage of the enclosure and the small hermanns is starting to feel things out. I am going to separate the greeks this coming week, and than make a few more sub divided areas just to keep everyone happy. They all do great as is however I want things to always be better and easier for me. The red foot and mountain tortoises are also doing great. Humidity is always tough at this time of year however the sprinkler system is in full effect and they get the fake rain every other day. The box turtles are loving that fake rain as well. I do need to add all the pictures for June and than keep up with the pictures for July. I'm a one man show so it slow going, and the site is always last because the care is first. I do need to blog more and I do plan too! promise! going to stride for multiple blogs a week. Tomorrow I plan to get some work done. Daily feeding and water changes than a little construction to create new pens. I will try and document the process however once I get working I forget. haha. I'm trying to get blogs a little better so let me get a little time with it and I promise it will be descent. Pictures coming soon, updates soon!

Also a thank you to the ones that donated this past month. It helps a ton! Tortoises and Turtle all are fed and the pens are able to be made because of those donations. If you would like to donate please click on the donation page and I believe its paypal that you need to use, maybe credit card or debit. I can make one I'm sure I will look more. But THANK YOU so much to those who donated.

Of course I know not everyone can donate and that's fine Thank you for the site support. The information is here for everybody and I enjoy sharing anything about these guys. Thank you who supports tortoise-spot just by watching videos and visiting the site it drives me to keep the site up.

Become a member, I know I been saying it a lot, but if your a member my blogs will notify members about new blogs. If you enjoy these than become a member its free and easy! Also a small forum is made for questions that I will answer, Members can use the forums to share there own animals, also a small classified is made for those needing to sell hatchling or anything else! Its free to be a member and I plan to send out monthy emails to members with cool little articles, information ect...

Guess I am done rambling on about news up and coming stuff and membership haha. Thanks again everyone! Pictures coming soon here is a teaser!

Kyle TS

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