Well it is Friday and I want to post a little update. I been letting the new rescues get use to the new ways of living and outdoor life. I been taking a few photos but not much. After a few weeks I will start getting more updates and pictures for everyone. I did however add the Marginated and Hermanns pages to the site. I need to add photos to them still but they are live. I am going to update pictures of all the tortoise soon! huge photo update for June. This was a short post but a quick update. Please become a member and get updates on new blog post and new content. Also coming very soon more videos! yes I been lagging on the Video front and I want to make a few more short clips. Soon soon soon. I'm excited just learning how to edit a little and hopefully over time it will get better haha. Till next time TS visitors!



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My laptop broke down and slowed down to the point where I was not able to update the site. I got a new laptop and so far it allows me to access everything needed to keep the site more up to date than

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