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Hello hello, I been busy with car problems dealing with all that so haven't been able to post too many photos, Instagram is still the best place for the most up to date pictures of the animals follow us there and you won't disappoint. The heat has been 100 plus here and the tortoises are hunkered down. They like it warm but not HOT! All of them are doing great, I run the sprinklers two times a day for the box turtles and MT's and all the med. Species have shade and water. Most of them nap out the hottest part of the day. I haven't been taking to many photos since they are all napping in the shade or dug in. Soon as this heat breaks I will have more content. Don't forget these next two months are going to be hot hot! Keep your tortoises cool with shade and fresh water. Also check on them more than you normally would. A flipped tortoise can die within an hour if its hot enough and the suns out. Do not learn the hard way, many of us tortoise and turtle owners have lost or had an animal overheat. Learn from our mistakes and take extra caution. Thanks again everyone for the support. I do have another rescue coming in at the end of July stay up to date with TS by becoming a member. Sign up free and get up dates on blogs and anything site related.