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June First; summer feels

Well its Technically not summer till June 21st, however with it being June 1st 2018 (crazy I know) it is summer here! The temperatures are still moderate but warming up by the day! I just wanted to talk about what is coming up for tortoise-spot and what this summer will in tale.

First thing is the baby CA desert tortoise (est. hatch Oct. 2017) is going outside! My friend found him November of last year and I did not want to hibernate such a new tortoise not knowing his previous situation. He slept like a baby (no pun intended) and was down December-March! Once he woke up I planned to move him outside but our weather had other plans. Our nights have been cool and days not as warm as I would like. We would have hot days but it was never stable. Finally! it looks like its going to warm up and stay warm for a little bit. This was the window I was waiting for and I did it he is officially outside. If all goes well he will be outside the rest of this year. I do plan to keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn't get sick or anything like that. I'm excited for him and I will keep everyone up to date.

Second thing I have coming is a surprise. I have something planned and In about a week we should all know. This week I will do a few updates on what I'm working on and maybe people can guess what going on. I am excited and excited to share, but patients!

I have a lot of little plans this summer, I also plan to just update my guys and enclosure and let them do their thing. Thanks everyone for the support as always!

Kyle TS

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