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Red Foot Tortoise(s)

hi all, It has been a few weeks, haven't had much time to write or sit on my computer. When I do its 100 degrees and I'm not wanting too haha. Summer so far has been great though everyone is happy and enjoying the warmer weather. In this blog I wanted to focus more on red foot tortoises. For those who follow me they know I have two female red foot tortoises, Houdini and Scarlett: I rescued both from different homes. Houdini coming from a yard of a house that just been sold in 2012. Scarlett from a lady who couldn't provide a proper home due to a move in 2014. Both tortoises I've had living outdoors and I build nice little enclosure and heat hides for the winter. They both became very close and enjoy spending afternoons together. They are both roughly 10ish inches. Red foot never were at the top of my list as far as tortoise to keep. I always enjoyed their colors and looks but never was something I wanted to work with. Once I rescued Houdini that changed quick and she became one of my favorites. Scarlett reinforced that with her spunky attitude. I kept both for the 6 and 4 years and always kept a eye out for any others that need a home. Well this pass week I adopted a 3rd red foot. Harvey is the name and also roughly 10ish maybe 11 inches. Harvey owners are moving over seas and needed a new home for their tortoise. I offered and they came by and dropped off the little red foot tortoise. Harvey is a "male" and was suppose to be the boy friend of both Houdini and Scarlett. However the more I examined and more I'm looking at "him" I think Harvey maybe a female. He can be a male that do not show the traits most male show but I am leaning more toward female everyday Harvey is happy and joined the other two red foots. They all seem to get along really well. Harvey will head bob Houdini and Scarlett will head bob Harvey so not sure if they are all just trying to find ranks or if Harvey really is a boy.... I will keep everyone up to date on that. IF you have not already follow Tortoise spot on instagram for the most up to date photos. I am planning on getting a lot of photos up on the website, it is just a lot to do and time is hard to fine. Instagram, Facebook, and twitter are all the most up to date photos of my guys. Also feel free to DM me on any of those platforms and ask how the tortoise are doing, I will try and reply back. I have people ask if they can DM me questions. YES please feel free too, love to answer them. I will try and get more Blogs up and keep everyone up to date on the rescues. The marginated, greek, and hermanns are all doing well as well! Update blog coming soon for them! Here are photos of the new red foot and can't forget Houdini and Scar!

Thank everyone for the support! be sure to be a member of the site to get update on my blogs and reminders!

Kyle (TS)

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