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The new site not only is a new home for Tortoise Spot (TS) but also a new beginning. I've had Tortoise-spot up for many many years, it has always been an information site and had pictures of my stuff. I always would do a big update and then that would be it. It would sit and I would get busy and the site would go on the back burner. Now that I moved the site and it will be easier to update add content and update blog post, I want to really keep up with everything and start really bringing information and my experience. What I want to do in the near future include this blog. I want to keep up on what is happening with TS what animals I have rescued or working with. I really plan to make more videos showing my tortoises, Maybe some commentary about each of my species. I am going to take baby steps and if all goes well and wit the support of the visitors maybe we can help spread awareness about tortoise and turtles. I also am looking at any suggestions, and partnerships that can benefit these shelled animals. You can always contact us with anything. Thanks for th support everyone. New to the blogging not sure what to do, but going to keep the most up to date thoughts on here.

Please if you have not already follow us on instagram, twitter, and facebook. I add a ton of pictures on there that might lag to the site (hopefully not by much) Also Will share and retweet any cool articles or information about these awesome creatures. Also if you haven't and want to be part of TS its very easy just go to the member section. Once a member you will be able to comment on blogs, like pictures and post. I am also looking into special pages and galleries members can make (comingsoon)

Thanks again

Kyle -TS-

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