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The new Tortoise spot site

Hello everyone. If you made it to this blog post then you already know.... Tortoise spot has a new website and a new host. I decided about 6 month ago to move host. I moved and thought alright much better..... wrong! the new host was not bad but it was very hard to work with. I have limited time since I have 20+ tortoises to care for so a website needed to be simple and easy to use and update. Well here we are! I think I have everything moved over that I wanted moved over. I still have a ton of polishing to do and a bunch of little details to really make it Tortoise spot. I wanted it done before summer really hits and I think I met that goal.

Somme goals I want to accomplish is more pictures and new pictures. Any new projects I do I want to capture progress and steps on new enclosure builds, pond builds, or refurbishing enclosures. I also want to start video editing more and getting more videos on my channel and site. These things take time to learn so bare with me. However join me on the journey.

As always Thanks again for all the support. The community is strong and together we can create awareness! come back and visit for more blog post!



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