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Red Footed Tortoies 

In October 2013I rescued a red foot tortoise. She is about 11-12 inches big, I have yet to actually measure her, but just eye balling shes fairly large. She seems a little shy, scared but healthy. Weight seems great and everything seems to be good. I have her inside on the table until i can get a nice heat hide built. I will keep everyone updated on her and her progress. She already seems to be happy and warm. Her name is Houdini named by the previous owners.

Update 2017:

Houdni is doing well. She is very comfy with me and has gain weight. She has been living outdoors he last year and a half and since moving her outdoors shes been happier. In the fall of 2014 I rescued another Red footed Tortoise named Scarlett. Scarlett is only about 7 inches. Shes very outgoing and was very freindly from the get go. Houdini and Scarlett both get along and became pretty great buds. Both are happy and enjoying summer at the moment. I will post updates as i go.



* Due to the website move, I will add older pictures in one section below. Pre summer 2016. Newer photos will be organized monthly.**

June 2018: 

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