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Texas Tortoise 

In the winter of 2014 I rescued a Texas tortoise. She is a older one and has been living in a friends backyard for who knows how long. I ended up taking her in and she has a whole part of the yard to her self. I have dens and hides a natural enclosure just for her. At first she was very shy and didn't want anything to do with me or the enclosure. As winter passed and the days warmed up she started coming out. She would bask at the entrance of her enclosure and go to bed, Roam early morning then sleep all day. Repeated this until about April 2015. May-July 2015 she has been active and not scared of me at all. She will come out when I'm working in her enclosure or feeding her. She really became one of my favorite rescues.

Texas Tortoise: Name: Dolly

age: unknown (est. 50+)

rescued from friend in 2014

June 2018: 

May 2018