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Three Toed Box Turtles

 The Three Toed box turtle is one of the American box turtles of many. They are closely related to the Eastern Box Turtle, Cousins are what they are. They are found a little more west and south of the eastern box turtle range and have adapted to living on the edges of woodlands and grassier fields. They are found from southern IL all the way south to Louisiana and east to Alabama. They tend to like water a little more the other box turtle species, They are tan/olive color, and can have very bright orange, yellows, or reds. Males being more colorful. 


- These are among my favorite species of box turtles. I've owned my share of boxies, and three toeds always were my favorites. I do however like box turtles of all kind, and find they very unique and fun to keep. In October 2012 I got an email from a lady who had a three toed male for adoption. she was asking a small adoption fee and i decided I could give this guy a good home. I have not had box turtles since 2008 so its been awhile but i was ready to get back into this species, one of my favorite species. I ended up re-homing the guy, it was a little dry and scared looking but overall a very healthy, and good looking male. About a month later, November right before the holidays a lady emailed me about another box turtle. She was not sure what kind it was, or anything much. She had it for 6 years and its always lived in a garden. She ended up moving and had to rehome the turtle. Long story short I ended up giving her a home. She looks a lot older and been around for some time kind of turtle. She now lives with the male rescue, and the two were love at first sight. They been together for 5 months and have never fought or showed aggression. Boxie is the male, Torta is the female. Boxie and Torta actually even ended up breeding and the two are now successful breeders, and i hatched 4 of the 7 eggs Torta laid last march. These two turtles are a perfect example of a good adoption went well. Torta has come a long way and is now very outgoing and friendly. Boxie is not shy guy at all. They both are living happily together and enjoy CA weather. 

I have a three 3 toed box turtles (Torta and Boxie, one unnamed) 

May 2018

May 2018