About Tortoise-Spot

Hello. My name is Kyle Miller and I am the one that keeps Tortoise-Spot running. I have been keeping turtles and tortoises for roughly 18 years. I keep a variety of species that include American box turtles, Mountain tortoises, Leopard tortoises and more. I also rescue and re-home tortoises as they come up and when I have room. I just finished a degree in biology and want to pursue conservation biology, ecology, and wildlife biology. The goal is to bring awareness to tortoise and turtle species my passion, but the overall goal is always about all biodiversity. Tortoise-Spot is located in Southern California but one goal is to find a spot with more land and a place that would create a bigger impact. Right now the goal is education and awareness with some rescuing and finding homes for those that need it. Here at Tortoise-Spot we do get box turtle eggs every year, and soon we are looking to have both the leopard tortoise and mountain tortoises laying. We will update anything available on this website but as of 2020 we don't really breed much. Thank you for visiting and even though the website and Tortoise-Spot has been around since 2006, I feel like these coming years are going to be BIG. I am excited and hopefully as a community we can save such a unique group of species. Lastly our instagram, twitter, and facebook group is updated with photos daily, I will also post news on this site and on the facebook group. Thank for checking out the website! 


You can also find me on Tortoiseforum.org forums, my Name is Millerlite on those forums. Check up "other great site" page and I have a link to the forum.