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About Tortoise-Spot

Hello everyone. My name is Kyle and I'm the one behind tortoise-spot. I keep 20 ish maybe 25 different turtle and tortoise species. I use to rescue turtles and tortoise but have put it on pause due to time and space. The few species (mostly small) I will take in, I will make sure they are established and eating and rehome them or keep them depending on species/space available. I mostly keep my main collection made up of rescued turtles and tortoises and I do get a few eggs each years. I don't consider myself a breeder but will have turtles and tortoise available periodically (check availability page). Thank you for stopping in on the website. I post a lot on social media and trying to post more video on the YT channel. Please check out the pages and don't forget to follow and subscribe. 

here are a few links to my social media:

Tortoise-Spot YouTube Channel: 

Tortoise_Spot Instagram:


TortoiseSpot Twitter:  

You can also find me on forums, my Name is Millerlite on those forums. Check up "other great site" page and I have a link to the forum. 


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