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Enclosure Page 

For this page I plan to just post past enclosures, and recent enclosures. Also if I ever have a project or work on something new enclosure wise I want to post it in this section. This section is mostly for people to get Ideas and for people to steal Ideals. If you have any questions regarding the enclosure please email us at and we will try and answer them asap. 

Outdoor Enclosures

Mountain tortoise outdoor enclosure 

The outdoor enclosure in these three pictures are for my mountain tortoises. I have a built in pond and plenty of plants to keep shade and humidity. I also have shade cloth on the hottest part of the year. 

old mountain tortoise enclosure

The two photo above are the start of my Mt tortoise enclosure. I pulled all the weeds Tilted the soil and got it all level. Next I cut out the sides and buried them 4 inches into the ground. At the time my tortoises were not that big roughly 5-7 inches.

The three photos above and to the left are after I laid down soil and peat moss substrate. I also added plants and hides. The photo above shows the water dish used and filter I put on it. You can see the tortoises they loved to soak. You can also see in the picture on the left you can see a heated hide built for them used in the cooler months. 

The last two pictures (one below and one right of this) are a little later when things grew out. As you can see I took the heated box out as they didn't use it much. Also I built sprinklers to help keep them cool and humid during the hot months. 

Past outdoor box tortoise & turtle enclosure

This was my old apartment backyard. I used it for box turtles. I put down soil to help with moisture. I also let it grow out the box turtles loved it. They had hides through out hard to see them all in the photos. 

This is still my old apartment back yard. I use cinder blocks to split off part of the bigger yard. I used this little area for ornate box turtles, and also russian tortsoises after the ornates. 

The next few photos are just past smaller outdoor enclosures. Also a raised outdoor box turtle enclosure (same one on the caresheet page) 

Indoor Enclosures

The next few set of pictures are indoor enclosures ranging from tortoise tables-lizard terrariums. Posting them so others can get ideas. 

First few pictures are past indoor tortoise tables. 

The next set of pictures were an enclosure I used for collard lizards. They loved to burrow in the sand and hot basking areas. 

These last few were for my leopard gecko female group. Also I made that lion king looking rock with foam and cement, worked out great! 

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