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Contribution Page 

Hello Everyone, I had a few people reach out and ask how they can help tortoise-spot and the animals. I am not a non-profit organization so I cannot ask for donations but if you like to help you can contribute some currency to tortoise-spot. Any contribution goes right back into the tortoises. Most expenses cover tortoise food from fresh veggies, live insects, fruit treats or Mazrui tortoise and turtle diet. Some other cost are just maintenance cost keeping up with enclosures and equipment.  Any and all contributions would help out a great ton and it is much appreciated. 

other ways you can help! 

= Like and subscribe to Tortoise-Spot YouTube channel! click here -> Tortoise-Spot YouTube Ch. 

= I have had people buy gift cards to Mazrui, zoomed, and other sites and send me the code this helps a ton too. 

= Follow on all social media and spread the word! 

Thanks again everyone for the love and support. 

Kyle (TS)

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