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Spring time is near

Hello everyone. If you keep turtles or tortoises then you know winter time is a slow period and many species hibernate during the short cool days. The website has been fairly quite and when winter hit even more silent. Spring near the weather has been warm around here. I think we have one more rain storm coming through this coming week and it should be fairly nice till fall. I am going to work on the website a bit and make it a little more simple. I want to add a few things after I get it updated. I can't wait for this years warm season. All the tortoises and turtles are ready as well. I have some work I need to get done in the enclosures and a little spring cleaning. I plan to get plenty of photos this year and I want to start getting a some video. Not sure exactly how I want to get that done but I been thinking of ways. I do appreciate everyone who comes by the site. If you are new to the site welcome. The site is built to share with people my turtles and tortoises as well as educate and share other great turtle and tortoise website and organizations. I have a few species that will probably be breeding this year and possible eggs. When or if I get baby turtles or tortoises I will add a area on the website where people can buy them. All the tortoises sold will help out with feeding my rescues and shelled animals. As well as with the website. Don't forget you can become a member of the site it is free and gives you access to the forum where you can ask questions, share photos, and post anything for sell. Please leave a comment and say hello, we like to hear from people who stop by the site and enjoy the feed back. Spring is near and we are all excited! I will begin to blog now that things will be more active. Also do not forget to follow us on Instagram @tortoise_spot and our growing twitter @tortoisespot!

Thank you all

Kyle and TS

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