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Tortoise-Spot 2020

Hello everyone. First off just want to start by wishing everyone a happy 2020 even though it has been pretty different to say the least. Hope everyone has been safe and healthy. Tortoise-spot made it through another winter and I graduated college. Now that I have graduated I want to really start pursuing a career where I can make a difference. The website as some have noticed as slimmed up. I use to keep all photos and updates on my animals on the website, but I am now going to use social media for that as it tends to reach more people. What will the site be used for you might ask? Well I am making it a hub for social media so you can go on here and see on the feeds in one spot. Also I will be using the website to provide articles, information, and education beyond just my tortoises and turtles. As always other great sites I find useful will be linked and as always I highly recommend checking them out. I also will have donation section for those who would like to help out tortoise-spot directly. I can also recommend some places to donate if you would like to help conservation as a whole and not just TS operation. I am however going to set up a way where a percentage of donations to Tortoise-spot will go to a organization like Turtle Conservancy, Garden State, Turtle Room, the turtle survival alliance or one of those organization. I would like to find a way to make it where the one donating they money can choose the organization they would like the percent to go to, but I will have to figure that out, and will soon. One big goal as well for Tortoise-Spot is to grow our youtube page. More videos will be made and hopefully help educate or at the least give ideas and inspiration to others. The blog on this site will be used for updates and a quick place for those to come and see what Tortoise-spot is up too. I want to try weekly blogging, and eventually have weekly videos. I have a few different ideas for the near future that I hope work out but we will see in due time. Thank you all who have been following along the journey, as well as those who support the website and different outlets of media. Lastly wanted to say welcome to those who are new, Hope you enjoy everything and stick around for our future growth.


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